My First Internship Experience at Eaton!

My First Internship Experience at Eaton!


For the last couple of months, I have had an incredible opportunity to intern with the Aerospace Division at Eaton! I am sharing my experience right from the hiring process to the exit interview and everything in between.

The Interview Process

I secured this opportunity from my college campus where Eaton had come to hire summer interns. The interview process was straightforward; the recruiter had shortlisted resumes, followed by a technical and an HR round. This was my first interview, naturally, I was nervous, but the engineering manager who conducted the technical round set a calm tone right at the beginning of the interview so much so that all the nervousness was gone! The interview lasted for about 40 minutes. It was a 2-way conversation, and we mainly discussed the projects on my resume and a few behavioral/situational questions, I mainly asked about the work/projects that I could get potentially involved in with their team.

The interviews’ results were out the next day and I was selected!

Experience with the Team

I was working with the most phenomenal and talented people. All of them had come from top Indian universities such as the IITs, and most of them had a Master’s degree. All of them were great engineers! This was my first experience working in an office. I found the team to be extremely welcoming. The culture was perfectly set up to make room for enough work and play in the right balance. I directly worked alongside a Senior Engineer and a Lead Engineer on my project (More on my work in the next section 👇). We had an awesome bash celebrating the achievements of the team members.

My team at the celebration. I am on the extreme left! My team at the celebration. I am on the extreme left!


This is us celebrating Independence Day at the office.

I built a good rapport with the team and gained a lot from their experiences.

The work that I did

I built an in-house automation tool called AReG. It is built using Python (business logic) and Qt (for GUI).

As mentioned previously, I worked with the Aerospace Division. The aerospace business is a highly critical one. No errors can be afforded whatsoever. Hence, every part/component/design goes through a stringent acceptance and testing procedure. These acceptance and testing procedures adhere to industry standards.

AReG automates this Test Plan preparation for Fluid Conveyance products. This automation can potentially reduce the TAT for Test Plans by 90 - 95%.

I experienced a roller-coaster ride while working on this project. By that, I mean I was able to develop specific features swiftly without any hiccups while at times, a bug would take up days to get resolved. I faced a few difficulties too. Sometimes, due to late deliveries of certain features and the popping up of unusual bugs, our timelines were screwed. But we were able to make up for the lost time in most cases. My team and I enjoyed the brainstorming sessions on developing the automation algorithm.

It was an amazing experience to develop apps using Python at the industry level.

Key Takeaways

My key takeaway from working alongside experienced professionals was the problem-solving approach they would utilize to come up with a solution. I also had a chance to witness how the Leadership Team (Engineering Managers & big bosses) operates and builds plans & timelines for products. Often I used to engage with engineers from other teams and get their insights on the problems I was facing and pitfalls to avoid. Everyone was welcoming and would happily extend their support to my doubts and queries. This was the best exposure I could get.


During the exit interview, my manager appreciated the efforts that I put in and the learnability that I demonstrated. This was one of the most enriching exposures that I could get. I am glad that I seized the opportunity to work with some of the best people!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!